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Clair Ilmanpuhdistin 5.3 W, Valkoinen/Vihreä

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Clair Ilmanpuhdistin 5.3 W, Valkoinen/Vihreä

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Clair, for a healthy air quality in your living and sleeping environment

Innovative technology through a paradigm shift - the e2f filter
Utilizing the power of static electricity through an innovative filter resulting in a paradigm shift. The clair e2f filter can collect ultrafine particles that escape existing filters and enter our lungs. Now try the e2f filter!

Safely purified air without any hazardous secondary substances
Air Purifiers based on electric collectors or aromatic mixing generate hazardous secondary substances, such as ozone and carbon, which cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, asthma, and atrophy. The clair air purifier is free of hazardous secondary substances.

Low Maintenance Costs
Because the cost for continuous use is only about 20 cents a month, it has negligible impact on the electricity bill. The e2f filter can be used for over a year, which makes maintenance easier and reduces filters costs.

Removal of allergens and other substances that cause sick house syndrome
clair removes harmful materials such as CO, exhaust gases (NOx, SOx) formaldehyde and toluene (VOCs), so it is great for use at home with respiratory patients, astopic patients, pregnant women and infants.

Attractive Design
A simple and premium design coordinates with bedroom and living rooms. It can be used in individual spaces and office environments.

Bacteria and Virus Removal
It maintains a pleasant indoor environment by removing viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria.
  • Alue: 50 m²
  • Käyttö: Työhuone
  • Melutaso: 13 - 36 dB
  • Mitta: 236 x 257 x 311 mm
  • Ominaisuus: Virta Päälle / Pois Ilmaisin
  • Packaging proposition: N/A
  • Suodatintyyppi: E2F suodatin
  • Teho: 5.3 W
  • Tuulettimen nopeus: Korkea/Keskikorkea/Matala
  • Väri: Valkoinen/Vihreä
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Arvosteltava tuote: Clair Ilmanpuhdistin 5.3 W, Valkoinen/Vihreä

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